Electric Vehicle Charger Point at Trigony Hotel

Well summer is here at last at Trigony, and a long overdue update with it. We have been busy with several exciting projects over the last few months. Those of you that have stayed recently will know that the Swedish wood fired hot tub, Finnish Sauna Cabin & Organic Spa are now nearing completion and the garden is looking wonderful.

But just as exciting for all of us at Trigony has been our new EV charge point, which started with our little BMWi3 and is now available free of charge to all our guests. Its good to know that the electricity comes from Ecotricity so all the profits we pay them go to renewable energy projects.

Key Points

  • Any guest staying with an EV will get 3 hours free charging time per day.
  • Our superdooper 7.5kw charger will give most cars a full charge.
  • Ecotricity, who provide the electricity invest all profits into renewable energy projects

If you have any questions about our renewable energy policy at Trigony please don’t hesitate to give us a buzz, alternatively, you can find out more about our environmental and sustainability policy by visiting this page.