All things beautiful, Professional Spa Treatments:

Whether you are staying at Trigony hotel or not please join us
for a relaxing and rejuvenating treatment.

Seaweed hot tub treatment
A truly unique Scottish experience

relax in our outdoor Dutch style hot tub. Unwind in fresh heated water, containing a 100% organic seaweed which is hand harvested from the Hebridean coast. Naturally enriched in over 85 minerals, leave skin nourished and rejuvenated.
tr-plus 30 mins £60
Indian head massage
A holistic treatment using therapeutic massage

which is performed over the upper back, arms, face and scalp. This is an ancient Ayurvedic healing therapy, aimed to relieve stress and restore emotional wellbeing.
tr-plus 45 mins £40
Aromatherapy body massage
A holistic treatment using a blend of oil

which is individually tailored and prepared for the client, inducing a deep relaxation.
tr-plus 60 mins £60
Invigorating Ishga body massage
Relax and re-energise, with the use of Swedish massage

techniques and pressure adapted to the clients requirements. The organic Ishga seaweed body oil which is blended with lemongrass, rose geranium and juniper helps to regenerate and firm the skin. This seaweed based product also aids
the elimination of toxins, leaving you to feel relieved of tension and detoxified.
tr-plus 60 mins £55
Back, neck and shoulder massage
Complete with use of the organic Ishga body oil and the same Swedish techniques

focused entirely on the back area. Beneficial for relieving specific areas of tension, aches, pains and anxiety.
tr-plus 30 mins £35
Ishga signature facial
Experience a personalised facial with use of the full range of Ishga products

All of which contain a high content of seaweed extract, which is scientifically proven to preserve the skins natural collagen. This treatment will leave the skin feeling hydrated, nourished and youthful.
tr-plus 60 mins £60
Express Ishga facial
This organic range is suitable for all skin types

This treatment will cleanse, tone and moisturise the skin, helping to repair the affects of environmental damage. Includes use of an exfoliating face mask and scalp massage to complete the experience.
tr-plus 30 mins £40
Ishga men’s facial
Combat the signs of aging, hydrate and revitalise

with a personalised cleanse, tone and moisturise. Combined with a scalp massage, relax and restore the skin with this nourishing treatment.
tr-plus 60 mins £60
Classic Manicure
Promote nail growth with a simple file

buff and coloured polish. Includes removal off cuticles.
tr-plus 30 mins £25
French manicure
Enjoy the classic manicure treatment

followed by a traditional white tip finish.
tr-plus 30 mins £30
Immaculate Deluxe manicure
Renew nails with a classic manicure

with the added benefits of an organic exfoliating hand scrub, a moisturising mask and nourishing hand and arm massage.
tr-plus 60 mins £40
Classic Pedicure
Begin with a gentle foot soak

using organic products followed by a file, buff and coloured polish. Includes removal of cuticles.
tr-plus 30 mins £25
Pristine Deluxe pedicure
Experience the Ishga foot seaweed ritual

before a classic pedicure treatment, includes an organic scrub treatment and moisturising mask. Finished with a polish.
tr-plus 60 mins £40
Eyebrow tint

20 mins £15
Eyelash tint

20 mins £15
Eyebrow reshape

15 mins £10
Eyebrow tidy up

10 mins £ 8