Professional Reiki Treatments:

Whether you are staying at Trigony hotel or not please join us
for a relaxing and rebalancing Reiki treatment.

Reiki Treatments

All-Over Full Body Reiki Treatments
Relax in the spa garden and enjoy your Reiki Treatment.

tr-plus 60 mins £55 Book here
Head and Shoulder Reiki Treatment
Unwind and relax the stress in your neck and shoulders.

tr-plus 30 mins £30 Book here
Gentle Pregnancy Reiki Treatment
A gentle and energising way to rebalance your energy.

tr-plus 30 mins £30 Book here
Mother and Newborn Reiki Treatment
A gentle way for mother and newborn to relax together.

tr-plus 30 mins £30 Book here

Animal Reiki Treatments

Dog Reiki Treatment
Give your dog a Reiki treatment.

tr-plus 30 mins £30 Book here