“You will be treated to food that falls squarely into the “comfort” bracket.”

By Tom Cannavan

The Moore family took over this handsome sandstone Scottish house in autumn 1999 and set about a revolution in the kitchen. Whether dining in the snug bar or low-key but more formal dining room, you will be treated to food that falls squarely into the “comfort” bracket.

Adam Moore is passionate about food and about organic methods. He has tracked down local contacts with a vengeance to source the best natural produce, like black-face sheep and Tamworth pigs, often working with other artisans in the area to realise his ambitions. The Moore’s are also showing their commitment by replanting the charming old walled garden just to the side of the hotel. They aim to be largely self-sufficient in organic herbs and vegetables. Food is substantial and good for the soul, like braised shank of lamb, the meat falling from the bone and served with three perfectly cooked pink noisettes of lamb.

Having spent time working in Spain, Adam brings unexpected Mediterranean influences to many dishes, but still based in peasant cuisine. As a real bonus, there’s a very nice little wine list, strong on southern France and Spain, and offered at a standard low mark-up. Only an hour or so from Glasgow, Edinburgh or the North of England, this is a fine place for a weekend break.

£65 for dinner in the restaurant, moderate room prices.