The Seasons in Scotland

Despite what you might see and hear the seasons in Scotland vary greatly and produce some great spectacles. Unlike the way it’s sometimes presented, Scotland’s climate is actually moderate if changeable and only rarely extreme at either end of the temperature scale.

January and February are generally the coldest months in Scotland, with the daytime maximum temperatures that ranges of an average of around 5° to 7 °C. July and August are normally the warmest months in Scotland, with temperatures of an average 19 °C.

As the old Scottish saying goes, “there’s no such thing as bad weather, only the wrong clothes!”  So even though Scotland isn’t blessed with year-round sunshine and tropical temperatures, that doesn’t mean to say that our weather gets in the way of having a great break – quite the reverse in fact.


Spring is probably one of the most predictable and best seasons in Scotland weather wise. Usually, by May the weather settles down and you can spend some excellent days outdoors. The temperature in May is not too bad but long sleeved or rain coats are mandatory.

spring in scotland


The summer is Scotland’s most unpredictable and teenager season You can get anything from endless rainy days to shorts only sunny days. It just depends on luck. Our visitors have some brilliant stories like “the first time around when i went to Scotland I spent 4 weeks out of which I had to spend one indoors because of pouring rain. The second time around however, in 7 weeks I had only a handful of pouring days of which the one I remember best is the day I went to Stirling and from 10 am when I set foot in Stirling to 6 PM when I left to Edinburgh I got soaked to the skin (needless to say I was caught off guard and had no umbrella).”

Summer in Scotland


If Scotland’s green is at its greatest in the summer, autumn is also a delight for the visitors eyes The colour of the grass begins to change, so does that of leaves. Everything seems depicted in true colours. Also, the autumn light is warmer and if you are into photography you can get some lovely pictures.

Autumn in Scotland


Winters is Scotland are cold but rarely snowing, not in Central and South Scotland anyway. Although few people prefer to travel to Scotland in winter time, one can still enjoy the rough, but majestic Scottish Highlands covered in snow.

Winter in Scotland