Winter at Trigony.

Well winter is here at last in Scotland and in just the right quantity too!

After the wet drizzly December, glorious ice blue skies and just the right thickness of snow in the Hotels gardens to crunch under foot and make the countryside look really quite stunning! And just enough frost to make a blazing log fire, tea and homemade cakes that little bit extra special, perfect weather in fact for a last minute winter break.

As well as the frost & the snow Winter also brings its own culinary treats with some of our favourite veg, Creamed Celeriac with Braised Beef, lightly Spiced Braised Red Cabbage with Local Venison & my favourite Roasted Jerusalem Artichokes  with Slow Roast Belly Pork.

Having said all that, There are times even on the brightest & frostiest of days in our country house hotel when you can’t help wishing for a little bit of Summer, Mediterranean flavours in the winter can be even more evocative in the depths of January than in the sunny months. Which brings me on to next week’s blog one of my favourite recipes wonderful sunny flavours reminiscent of a Mediterranean summers day, I can’t wait?

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