Deviled Haggis on Brioche Toast with free range poached egg.

We take great care in sourcing our ingredients, we are very lucky that Dumfries and Galloway has a rich and varied farming community.

We are surrounded at the Hotel by an organic dairy and all the hotels milk is organic. Within ten miles of the Hotel we have hill farms with superb quality lamb and lowland Galloway Cattle similar to Aberdeen Angus.

We grow many of our own Fruit, herbs and vegetables in our small walled garden, and we love preparing vegetarian dishes with this wonderfully fresh produce.

Our Butcher  supplies us with award winning black pudding and the best local beef & lamb. Our Haggis comes a little further, though we think it is well worth the travel from the award winning Cockburns of Dingwall on The Black Isle in Invernesshire. The pork and traditional Ayrshire cure bacon and sausages come from Ramsey’s of Carluke in the Borders.


Crispy Duck Salad with a roasted red onion and orange dressing.

Dumfriesshire has such a wonderful natural larder, which means that wild roe venison, wood pigeon and partridge are all available locally in season.

Just a short drive to the south the Solway coast still supports a thriving fishing community so that fresh Solway Scallops and sea bass are nearly always in abundance, weather permitting.

All this adds up to a wonderful choice of local food, with a few far flung additions like our free range rare breed “Label Anglais” Chickens that come from England weekly, we have used them for years and think their flavour is wonderful, they take nearly twice as long to mature as the average organic chicken! We are also proud of the Organic Shetland Salmon we have sourced which although farmed has a delicious taste and texture quite different to the usual farmed salmon.


Organic Vegetable Garden


Breast of Gressingham Duck with a Madeira sage and onion sauce.